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Otto Kuennecke Card Inspection and Sorting Extensive CISS Overview. Large file so please be patient!
Otto Kuennecke CISS sorting CISS card sorting
Otto Kuennecke CISS personalisation CISS with thermal personalisation
Otto Kuennecke  CISS Verification CISS Inspection and verification at Cartes 2009
Otto Kuennecke CISS Packaging CISS cross banding and labelling
Otto Kuennecke CISS Cross Banding CISS at Cartes 2008 with Cross Banding module
Otto Kuennecke CISS colour sorting CISS sorting cards by colour
Otto Kuennecke CISS hotfoil and MEK perso CISS with MEK and hot foil stamp
Otto Kuennecke Passport Packaging System PPS Overview
Otto Kuennecke PPS-S PPS verifying and sorting passports
Otto Kuennecke PPS Hybrid C3000 Card Mailing system with a PPS channel, inserting passports.
Otto Kuennecke Card Attachment and Security C6000 Overview
Otto Kuennecke

Kuennecke Open House 09

Showing the CASSilo and C6000
Otto Kuennecke CASSilo CASSilo at Cartes 2009
Otto Kuennecke Mailok C6000 Light C6000 Light at Cartes 2008
Otto Kuennecke MISS (Mailok C100) Guarantees hand-work security
Otto Kuennecke MISS Branch Packaging (envelopes) MISS manual workstation for organisation of envelopes for multiple branches/destinations with an audit file
Otto Kuennecke MISS card packaging MISS manual workstation for mailing individual card packages with an audit file
Otto Kuennecke CASSilo Designed for small batch handling. Demonstrated at the Open House.
PHS-DL PIN Handling (Double Label) PHS-DL Overview
PHS-SL PIN Handling (Single Label) PHS-SL Overview
Legacy Videos
Sachet affixing Sachet affixing Rotary Placer affixing sachets inline on a Ga-Vehren 912
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