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  Künnecke secure plastic card mailing systems are well known in the UK card industry and across the world. Künnecke is the world leader in secure card mailing systems. The first high volume machine for card affixing was installed in 1995 and since then over half of Künnecke's 400 global installations have been for secure card attaching and mailing.

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Small volume
Mid volume, flexible
Large volume
Manual workstation

The CASS range of secure card affixing and mailing systems comprises three different machines. Each can be custom-built for a specific application but owing to its modular design, it is possible to reconfigure for new applications. The MAILoks are ready for the future. This is proven in the field with some early machines capable of contactless reading and full mail integrity reporting.

The flagship model is the MAILok C8000, capable of processing up to 8,000 cards per hour, with up to four cards affixed per carrier document. Its predecessor, the C6000, is an industry favourite with over 120 global installations. Designed to run in a 24/7 high capacity environment, the C6000/C8000 is the number one choice for secure and efficient high volume card fulfilment.

The midrange CASSilo cycles at 3,000 cards per hour and was designed for small batches and rainbow decking. Most configurations feature an inline laser printer and database so that carriers can be printed on the fly. It is aimed at customers with medium runs and small batches where quick changeovers are more relevant than a high running speed.

The CASSera is Künnecke's entry-level system. It can cycle at 2,000 cards per hour and has an industrial design - not like some of the plastic machines at the lower end of the market which can only run for a couple of hours before begging for a rest!

The MISS is a desktop-based solution, designed to ensure manual affixing is secure and accurate. Tiny batches of cards and single remakes take a disproporionate amount of time to process on a machine and yet when an audit file is required, normal handwork isn't an option. The MISS can feed in to the MAILok audit files, allowing a complete log to be created. The operator scans the card, the system will check the database for information, print a new personalised carrier and envelope and ensure all data matches. The carrier and envelope must also be scanned correctly before the next card can be scanned. A log can be sent with the completed job, detailing when each process occurred.

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