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Manual Inspection Sorting System.
The perfect system for all daily dispatch jobs

The MISS is a work station for manual, data-secure processing of high security documents, such as credit/debit cards, drivers' licenses, ID cards and passports. The system was specially designed for the dispatch of documents of small jobs or document volumes, but also for the post processing in connection with automatic mailing machines. This modular, manual system enables 100% control of all dispatch jobs and is employed wherever data security and quality classification is necessary. This system offers all advantages of an automatic dispatch system with the flexibility of a manual work place. Highest security requirements in the sector of document dispatch are fulfilled through automated printing and reading technology, database processing and easiest operation through graphical user interface.

Each product can either be printed and/or verified, which guarantees correct classification of cards and passports with carriers, personalised envelopes, delivery notes and dispatch labels. Mistkaes in classification are now part of the past. Each mailing is recorded amd filed through connection to a superior data system. Also, so-called 'rejects' or incorrect mailing, which were rejected on automatic packaging systems can be post-processed with the MISS. This guarantees 100% data control and a comprehensive audit, as each mailing is recorded separately. Another special feature of the system is also the compactness; it is compeltely modular upgradable and can be equipped with different reading and printing systems, but also with packaging modules. MISS - the perfect system for all daily dispatch jobs.

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