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In 2019, Otto Künnecke purchased an Italian manufacturer of desktop personalisation systems. Based in Sicily and now known as Otto Künnecke Italia, the factory continues to produce a range of products for desktop card personalisation and passport data page lamination. These products have broadened our range and expanded our customer base.

Please click on the links below for further information on the machines in the product range and call us if you would like to talk through your individual requirements.

Full card perso, 800 cph
Laser engraving, RFID
Multi application
Passport lamination
Passport lamination

The DPS Smart is a desktop personalisation system for cards, polycarbonate passport data pages and other products. Its plug and play design allows modules to be easily added to expand its capability, allowing customers to start with laser engraving and later add magstripe encoding, chip and RFID encoding. Perfect for metal card perso where you don't want to modify your existing card perso system with an expensive upgrade!

The DPS Easy offers laser engraving and RFID encoding in a very small footprint. Ideal for ID programs, driving licences etc.

The DPS Pro is a desktop system which offers all perso modules and can be expanded with multiple input and output hoppers, camera systems and software to allow other applications such as inspection and sorting.

The DPS Rapid Combi is a semi automatic flat plate passport laminator for foils on a single sheet or supply roll.

The DPS Rapid is a semi automatic flat plate passport laminator for foils on a single sheet.

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