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We offer equipment and consumables which add value to the printed piece. Whether your requirement is for card attaching, passport mailing, card sorting and storage, printing and labelling PINs or weighing and exit scanning a sealed envelope, we sell equipment to do it. And if we don't, we probably know somebody who does!

In 1999, Ga-Vehren International Ltd was created to sell, service and support Ga-Vehren systems in the UK and Europe. In 2006, after enjoying many years successfully making Ga-Vehren a household name in print finishing, Ga-Vehren Engineering (the US manufacturer) was bought by Datacard Corp; a move which would eventually spell the end of Ga-Vehren International. 2007 saw us change our name to Unique Finishing Equipment and 2008 brought a new long term relationship: UFE became the exclusive UK distributor for the German company Otto Künnecke.

The Team

Lindsay has more years experience in selling capital equipment to the graphic arts industry than she normally cares to admit. From 1995-1999 she worked for Press & Bindery Systems selling Ga-Vehren equipment. Then in 1999, together with Alan Orr, she formed Ga-Vehren International Ltd which, in 2007, became Unique Finishing Equipment. She is far happier out selling or getting her hands dirty on machines than she is sitting at a desk. In her spare time she enjoys falling down mountains and the occasional tennis soirée.

Alan is the Chairman of Unique Finishing Equipment but, like many who have served numerous years in the printing industry, has earned the right to spend most of his time on the golf course these days.

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