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Card Inspection Sorting System...

  • Quickly sort to and from rainbow decks
  • Personalise and sort by any field
  • Verify data and band into bundles
  • Print and apply scratch off / hot foil
  • Modular equipment - easily upgraded
  • The CISS is a platform that can carry out a wide variety of processes in a single pass. It is tailored to each customer's requirements and usually combines many separate offline/online operations, cutting job times dramatically.

    Verification - This CISS was designed to check a identity card against a set criteria. Ensuring barcode, OCR and photo meets quality requirements, that all security features are present and that each component matches its recipient.
    Personalisation - Using thermal ink, this CISS will personalise a card and can cover data with a hot foil label. Once printed, the cards can be delivered into designated hoppers, sorted by any group in the customised database.
    Sorting - Rainbow decks are becoming increasingly common. One credit card issuer can have hundreds of combinations featuring different card statuses and designs. This CISS was built to sort stacks of mixed bank cards into groups of ordered cards for each issuing country.
    Banding - This CISS will group cards by any data field together, before banding them into bundles and affixing a label identifying the recipient and contents.
    All of the above! - Built to save floorspace, this machine enabled a customer to combine the functions of many machines into one. It will take an unpersonalised blank rainbow stack and perso, before affixing a security label, verifying the data and sort individual cards into pre determined output hoppers. If a single end user requires multiple cards, it will band those cards and affix an identifying label. This machine also has the option of affixing the card to a carrier - it is installed inline with an OK C6000!

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