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Passport Packaging System...

Governments continually require new security measures. Künnecke's range of Passport systems can process 4,000 passports an hour, all in a secure environment with lockable divert bins. Controlled by Künnecke's proven DIALok Data Center with full audit tracking and database logging capabilities, personal data is safe and secure.

Each system is modular and can be upgraded and combined very easily with the other machines in the range.

PPS-V(erify) - Not all passport personalisation systems are capable of every process. This means that some passports are printed on one machine, encoded on another with the photo added on yet another system, increasing the risk of mismatching data. The PPS-V is an automatic inspection and verification system which will check all the personalised data, optical, electronic and contactless, to ensure it matches the relevant record.

PPS-M(ail) - This system reads a data field to identify the passport and then prints a personalised letter. The passport, letter and any additional literature or leaflets are inserted into an envelope. If the envelope does not have a window, the package is turned and the name and address printed on the face. Additional information for registered post can be added if necessary. An optional sorting module can arrange the envelopes onto different conveyors according to postal priority (first class, second class, courier etc).

PPS-S(ort) - As some countries do not mail passports to citizens, Künnecke developed a system to automate the laborious process of manually sorting single passports into batches for the local passport offices. Each module can accept up to 24 sorting bins capable of storing up to 200 passports. The identification data read from each passport enables a database lookup which in turn directs the passport to the correct sort bin.

PPS-P(ack) - Designed to complement the Verification and Sorting systems, the PPS-Packaging and Banding module can bundle passports into compensated stacks of between 2 and 50 before they are transferred to the banding module. After cross banding, a label containing batch and delivery information can be printed online and applied to the top of the stack.

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