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The CASSilo is capable of affixing up to four half-size or CR80 cards per carrier, entirely selectively.

For instance, if the machine sees record 193 for Bank A, it can select Bank A’s letterhead from the printer and personalise it. The CASSilo can then check for the correct logo on the carrier and then encode and affix cards stored in hopper A. If a carrier with Bank C’s logo is detected, it can print a different layout on the carrier and then feed a card from hopper C. Any kind of identifier can be used, such as a 2D barcode or OCR.

The CASSilo is smaller than its siblings in the CASS range by almost 30%. Designed with footprint in mind, Künnecke have used smaller, more efficient components and condensed the belt length. Most importantly, the lesser used modules such as the slave tape head have been removed. However these modules can be easily added to any machine at a later date.

The CASSilo can utilise up to ten card hoppers, each holding a different job. It can personalise cards using HiCo/LoCo magstripe encoding, RFID, inkjet and thermal transfer. The card applicator can affix up to eight cards per carrier and verify each affixed card and carrier. The carrier can enter an inserter, where personalised inserts can be added, before inserting into a DL-C5 envelope. Alternatively, the carriers can be collated before being batched or banded.

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