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Rotary Placer...

Pick and Place
  • Almost unlimited product flexibility
  • Compatible with all conveyor bases
  • Truly mobile with re-setup in seconds
  • Facilitates option to read data on underside
  • Advanced servo drives
  • Self contained vacuum
  • Simple touch screen control
  • Modular equipment - easily upgraded
  • Rotary Placers are installed in carton, multimedia packaging and direct mail plants for the insertion of CDs / DVDs, trays, windows, security tags, magnets, coupons and many other items.

    These servo-controlled Rotary Pick & Place Feeders have a height-adjustable mobile base. This makes them compatible with virtually all conveyor-based mailing, packaging and folder gluing equipment.

    Additional advantages lie in the quick setup time, flexibility and mobility of the equipment. Changeovers take about 15 minutes, vital where quantities can be relatively small and turnaround times critical.

    The suction arms are articulated and have the ability to rotate 360°. This ensures the suction cups are in the best position to pick up the item to be placed regardless of its shape, and then to place it onto the carrier. Together with the advanced servo technology, this is what sets these machines apart from more conventional Pick-and-Place feeders.

    Each RP can be customised to suit customer requirements. For example in cases where precision is paramount, the RP can be mechanically timed to the host machine. If this is not possible, an ABM module can be fitted to improve positional accuracy from +/- 1.6mm to +/- 0.8mm. Alternatively, if a customer only plans to run small products, an extra two arms can be added to the RP. This will reduce flexibility, but the customer will gain 33% extra output!

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