Unwind Unit...

The Unwind unit was developed to solve two problems inherent in the industry. Downtime, and slow speeds.

With the capability to feed up to 4.7 miles of label web, roll changeover downtime is drastically reduced, resulting in up to 20% increase in productivity!

It is ultra portable, takes seconds to assemble and requires no integration to an existing labelling system. The drive system on the unwind unit utilises loopbox technology, resulting in very little tension on the liner, thereby reducing web breaks.

It can run single and Cross-Core reels with ease; all that is required on the host machine is a labelling system to apply the label. This means it can fit into the tightest of spaces, in any orientation.

It can also minimise changeover downtime when running conventional flat rolls. While one reel is running from the labelling system unwind, a second reel can be made ready on this unwind unit, requiring a quick and simple manual splice to changeover.

Installation of our vacuum liner extraction system eliminates the requirement to change rewind reels.

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