Mini Labeller...

The Mini Labeller was designed with Cross-Core reels in mind and with a production speed of up to 10,000 in/min, it's one of the fastest labelling machines of its kind in the world. Combined with the unwind unit, it can also easily handle standard flat reels, but if you want to get the most out of your host machine, this is the perfect head.

By using a vacuum liner extraction system, footprint, weight and cost are all reduced. There is no rewind reel. To remove the weight and vibration associated with a built-in unwind reel and to give easier operator access for reel changes, we can integrate the Mini Labeller with an offline unwind unit. If space allows on press, we can integrate two heads running in tandem for constant production. Other options are available where space is limited.

The Mini Labeller's zero tension feed system means a vast reduction in breaks from paper based reels, and total elimination of breaks using Web-Tech's polyester liner. This means operators only have to change one high-capacity roll, with no splicing required, eliminating false starts. It has complete label placement adjustment using the integrated HMI, and unparalleled registration of +/- 0.8mm.

Remotely feeding the Mini Labeller from the unwind unit makes for a very compact labelling head which can easily be mounted in a small space on a host machine, while still optimising the Cross-Core capability.

The adjustable peeler bar means there are no restrictions on the application angle, and a wide variation of label thicknesses and liners can be fed without issue.

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